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Dear Sir/Madam,

Warm greetings!

We invite you to the 2nd International Conference on Contemporary issues in Science, Engineering & Management (ICCI-SEM-2017), which is being organized by GIFT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India from 27th - 28th May 2017 in the smart city Bhubaneswar. All are invited to contribute their well thought research paper on any of the sub theme within the main theme of the conference.

NOTE: Academicians, industry practitioners, research scholars and students are invited to contribute original research papers (both empirical and conceptual) and case studies on any of the following areas. The topics given are just suggestive in nature. You may feel free to submit manuscripts on related topics in your area of specialization.

Conference Theme - Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science

  1. Algorithms, Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing,
  2. Computational and Artificial Intelligence,
  3. Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems & Games,
  4. Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality,
  5. Computer Modeling,
  6. Cloud Computing,
  7. Computer Security & Information Assurance,
  8. Data Structure,
  9. Data Communications, Network, security Forensic,
  10. Data Compression and Encryption,
  11. Database System , Data Mining and Web Mining,
  12. E-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems and e-Government ,
  13. Graphics & Animations ,
  14. Mobile and ubiquitous computing
  15. Multimedia networking
  16. Network programming and architecture
  17. Performance modeling & Simulation
  18. Soft Computing, Fuzzy Systems and Hybrid Systems
  19. Software maintenance, reverse engineering and re-engineering
  20. Search Engine Design & Optimization
  21. Software Engineering & development
  22. Software safety, security, privacy and risks
  23. Big data analytics
  24. Information, cyber and network security
  25. IT policy and business management
  26. Image and Signal Processing
  27. Recent Trends in Information technology
  28. Robotics and Automation
  29. Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
  30. Internet of things and other allied areas.
  1. Advanced power electronics,
  2. Computational EM,
  3. Communication Electronics and Microwave,
  4. Communication Network and Systems,
  5. Control & instrumentation,
  6. Complex Adaptive Systems,
  7. Data communication and computer networking and Nano-electronics,
  8. Embedded system and VLSI,
  9. Electrical Engineering Materials,
  10. Electronic Instrumentation Using CAD Tools,
  11. Electromagnetic Compatibility,
  12. High Voltage Insulation Technologies
  13. Microelectronic System
  14. Modulation and Signal Processing for Telecommunication
  15. Power System Analysis
  16. New trend in wireless and mobile communication
  17. Robot technology
  18. Renewal Energy
  19. RF and Microwave
  20. Radar Technique
  21. Sensing and sensor network
  22. Signal Processing
  23. Transmission and distributions Power system