Call For Paper

Dear Sir/Madam,

Warm greetings!

We invite you to the 3rd International Conference on Contemporary issues in Science, Engineering & Management (ICCI-SEM-2017), which is being organized by Bangalore, India from 22nd - 23rd July 2017. All are invited to contribute their well thought research paper on any of the sub theme within the main theme of the conference.

NOTE: Academicians, industry practitioners, research scholars and students are invited to contribute original research papers (both empirical and conceptual) and case studies on any of the following areas. The topics given are just suggestive in nature. You may feel free to submit manuscripts on related topics in your area of specialization.

Track 1- Computer Science & Applications

  1. Algorithms, Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing,
  2. Computational and Artificial Intelligence,
  3. Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems & Games,
  4. Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality,
  5. Computer Modeling,
  6. Cloud Computing,
  7. Computer Security & Information Assurance,
  8. Data Structure,
  9. Data Communications, Network, security Forensic,
  10. Data Compression and Encryption,
  11. Database System , Data Mining and Web Mining,
  12. E-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems and e-Government ,
  13. Graphics & Animations ,
  14. Mobile and ubiquitous computing
  15. Multimedia networking
  16. Network programming and architecture
  17. Performance modeling & Simulation
  18. Soft Computing, Fuzzy Systems and Hybrid Systems
  19. Software maintenance, reverse engineering and re-engineering
  20. Search Engine Design & Optimization
  21. Software Engineering & development
  22. Software safety, security, privacy and risks
  23. Big data analytics
  24. Information, cyber and network security
  25. IT policy and business management
  26. Image and Signal Processing
  27. Recent Trends in Information technology
  28. Robotics and Automation
  29. Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
  30. Internet of things and other allied areas.
  • All the selected papers will be published free of cost, if not choosing any option mentioned in publication page and the indexing and abstraction of the journal will be google scholar, scribd ebsco, crossref, ic journals master list, CiteFactor, DOAJ, Scirus, Base, CiteSeer, Scirate, QSensei
  • Several international journals those are affiliated with this conference are mainly indexed by ISI, SCOPUS, ELSEVIER & Thomson Reuters (Web of Science) At the same time it is also indexed by Thomson Reuters-Researcher ID, ORCID, PROQUEST and INDEX COPERNICUS, Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS), J-Gate Plus; Research Bible; EBSCO Publishing's Electronic Databases, USA; DOAJ; Urlich's Periodical Directory, USA; Indian Science Abstracts, Indian Science. in, Google Scholar, Academia, Internet Archive, Publication List, SSRN, Mendeley, Epernicus, MathSciNet, Issuu, Scribd, Research GATE, OAJI Elsevier's bibliographic database, Ei databases index, EMBASE, EMCare, CAP International, PubMed, PubMed Central, SCImago.
  • All the papers will be published in conference proceedings with ISBN number.
  • Selected papers will be published in SCOPUS, ELSEVIER, THOMSON REUTERS and UGC approved indexed journals after the conference.
  • Paper presentation certificate, hard copy of proceedings will be provided.
  • Excellent Paper Award will be given in every session.

Track 2- Electronics and Electrical Engineering

  1. Advanced power electronics,
  2. Computational EM,
  3. Communication Electronics and Microwave,
  4. Communication Network and Systems,
  5. Control & instrumentation,
  6. Complex Adaptive Systems,
  7. Data communication and computer networking and Nano-electronics,
  8. Embedded system and VLSI,
  9. Electrical Engineering Materials,
  10. Electronic Instrumentation Using CAD Tools,
  11. Electromagnetic Compatibility,
  12. High Voltage Insulation Technologies
  13. Microelectronic System
  14. Modulation and Signal Processing for Telecommunication
  15. Power System Analysis
  16. New trend in wireless and mobile communication
  17. Robot technology
  18. Renewal Energy
  19. RF and Microwave
  20. Radar Technique
  21. Sensing and sensor network
  22. Signal Processing
  23. Transmission and distributions Power system

Track 3- Materials and Mechanical Engineering

  1. Acoustics
  2. Adaptive modeling and simulation
  3. Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
  4. Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
  5. Atomistic simulations
  6. Biomechanics
  8. Dynamics and Vibration
  9. Energy supply and consumption
  10. Fluid dynamics
  11. Fluid mechanics
  12. Internal Combustion Engine
  13. Lean manufacturing
  14. Production Processes
  15. Material and Energy recovery
  16. Multi physics, multi scales and multi big data
  17. Nanotechnology
  18. Railway engineering
  19. Recent trends in Heat and Mass Transfer
  20. Underwater Acoustics Technologies
  21. Aeronautical Engineering and other allied areas.

Track 4- Civil & Bio-Technical Sciences

  1. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  2. Civil Engineering Design and Materials
  3. Coastal Engineering and Management
  4. Construction Technology
  5. Computational Technologies in Concrete
  6. Cost, Time, Quality, and Safety Management
  7. Design and Engineering Management
  8. Environmental engineering
  9. Earthquake and Structure
  10. Fiber Reinforce of Concrete
  11. Green & Intelligent building
  12. Hydraulics and Hydro-Power Engineering
  13. Information Technology in Construction
  14. Land and Construction Surveying
  15. Structural Engineering
  16. State-of-the-Art in Construction Engineering and Management
  17. Sustainability in Civil Engineering
  18. Sustainability in Geotechnical engineering
  19. Thermo-Mechanics in Concrete
  20. Transportation Engineering
  21. Types of Tunnels & Construction Methods

Track 5- Basic Science & Management

  1. Analysis
  2. Topological Dynamics
  3. Fluid Mechanics and Plasma
  4. Geometric Analysis
  5. Complex Phenomena in Physical, Chemical and Biological Systems
  6. Stochastic Process and its Applications
  7. Numerical Techniques and Simulations
  8. Information Theory and Cryptography
  9. Advance Physics
  10. Photonics
  11. Optical fiber
  12. Advanced chemical Engineering
  13. Energy and Environmental Biotechnology
  14. Process system Engineering
  15. Environmental sustainability
  16. Process dynamics and control
  17. Bio informatics and other allied areas. Business studies
  18. Economics
  19. Social science
  20. Modern Management
  21. Human Resource Management
  22. Organizational Behavior
  23. Leadership
  24. Strategic Management
  25. Strategic Human Resource Management
  26. Managing People and Organization
  27. Managing Change
  28. International Business
  29. Management of Small Business
  30. Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Development
  31. Management Science
  32. Operations Management
  33. Business Dynamics
  34. Strategic Policy and Entrepreneurship
  35. Managing Multinational Enterprise
  36. Environmental Management
  37. Public Institutions Management
  38. Governance, Supply Chain Management, Hospitability Industry Management, Contemporary Issues in Management, and all other Management areas.
  39. Physical Science
  40. Applied algebra and cryptology
  41. Applied analysis
  42. Applied geometry
  43. Applied probability and statistics
  44. Artificial intelligence and neural networks
  45. Computing sciences
  46. Differential and difference equations
  47. Game theory and applications
  48. Mathematics for biology, ecology and social sciences
  49. Operations research
  50. Optimization methods and applications
  51. Numerical methods and software tools
  52. Quantitative Finance
  53. Robotics and mechanical engineering

Track 6- Botanical Sciences

  1. Plant Genetics
  2. Plant Biology
  3. Photochemistry
  4. Plant Breeding
  5. Plant Protection
  6. Interactions Botanical Drugs

Track 7- Animal Sciences

  1. Animal physiology
  2. Animal Management
  3. Animal Anatomy
  4. Animal Ecology
  5. Animal Breeding
  6. Animal Nutrition
  7. Poultry Science
  8. Insect Sciences

Track 8- Soil and Environmental Science

  1. Soil Science
  2. Soil Contamination
  3. Soil Conservation
  4. Soil Productivity
  5. Soil Biology
  6. Biological Chemistry
  7. Environment Pollution
  8. in Agriculture

Track 9- Other fields in Agricultural Sciences

  1. Food Sciences and Technology
  2. Agricultural Economics
  3. Rural Sociology
  4. Organic Agriculture
  5. Agriculture Information Technologies
  6. Agricultural Operations Management
  7. Agricultural Production Engineering
  8. Post Harvest Problems and their Solutions
  9. Dry Land Agricultural Farming Systems (including stress biology)
  10. Climate Change and Biodiversity (plants, pests, beneficial organisms)